Moxa Introductory Skills Workshops 2019 with Catherine Kato

These are all either full or have now been completed – stay tuned for more details on the Acupuncture & Moxibustion Basic Skills Workshop with Caleb & Andrew in November, and future Introductory Moxa Workshops around Australia and NZ!

The word for ‘Acupuncturist’ in Chinese or Japanese would be more accurately translated as ‘Acu-moxibustionist’ (鍼灸, zhen jiu or shin’kyu ).

The art of moxibustion has long played second fiddle to the use of needles.
Come and spend the day with me improving your moxa skills in a small,
intimate setting.

Come away with the confidence to incorporate more moxa into your treatments, no matter what style you practice.

This will be a very practical, hands-on workshop (so don’t forget to trim your fingernails before coming!)  Numbers strictly limited.

What you will learn:

We will be looking at when to use different grades and techniques of moxa; but the main focus will be practising various techniques which may include but not limited to  – direct or rice grain moxa (‘tōnetsukyū’),  moxa cones (‘chinetsukyū’ of varying sizes and hence functions) and moxa balls for ‘kyūtōshin’ or needle head moxa.  We will also explore smokeless options.

Your Investment: $250 incl GST

Early Bird Special: if paid by 25/10 for Melbourne’s Art of TJAM Basic Skills Workshop – price to be advised – $50 non-refundable deposit required with registration.

If you wish to order sushi lunch, please add an extra $10 and specify on the registration form.  Snacks and tea will be provided.

Both courses have been approved for 7 CPD points with AACMA & ATMS.

Brisbane: Sunday 4 Aug 9am – 5pm                                     (NOW FULL!!)                                   Melbourne: Sun 24 Nov 9am – 5pm*

*This will be an Art of Traditional Japanese Acupuncture & Moxibustion Basic Skills workshop with Catherine, Caleb Mortensen and Andrew Broomfield (more details, including price to come – save the date!)

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About Catherine:

Catherine has been diligently making moxa cones for over 20 years since her first visit to Edward Obaidey’s clinic in Tokyo, back when she was at Uni. She has her own practice in which she blends her 2 passions – 5 Elements Acupuncture with Traditional Japanese Acupuncture, both of which use moxa extensively. She is the director of House of Moxa, a small business devoted to providing quality moxa products to the acupuncture community.

Registration for Moxa Introductory Skills Workshops 2019

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