WATER: Sun 20 June 10am – 11.30 AEST (UTC+10:00)

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Do you feel as if you’re always stuck in fight or flight mode? Do your adrenals feel overworked & your body feel tense? Do you have a lot of fears and anxieties and never seem to be able to fully relax? Then join me as we discuss these aspects of the Water Element and then do an Energy Clearing meditation to clear any junk keeping us stuck in these patterns.

The 5 Elements theory of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire, is an integral part of Chinese Medicine theory. Even though it is said that there is one Element that is our main constitutional one, we are made up of all of the 5 Elements and can therefore have energetic blockages relating to any of them.

In the Energy Clearing Through the 5 Elements course we will explore various aspects of each of the 5 Elements that relate to us and work on clearing any energetic blocks that we have on them.

Each session will begin with an explanation of what that Element is about according to Chinese Medicine theory, which has a history of over two thousand years, as well as drawing on my almost 20 years of clinical experience working as an acupuncturist. I will then help you to identify and clear any negative or unwanted patterns that relate to the Element we are exploring, using tools learnt from studying extensively with internationally-acclaimed intuitive healer Christie Marie Sheldon over the past 5 years.

The Energy Clearing Through the 5 Elements course is a unique blend of Chinese Medicine theory and Energy Healing, bringing the two paradigms together for one of the first times. In this current climate, it is particularly imperative that we are able to clear our negative patterns in order for us to function at a higher vibrational level. The course is being conducted as a live online series, so you get to stay in the comfort and safety of your own space. However it is also interactive, with you being able to type into me your responses to what I’m asking about your patterns, so that we can then clear that pattern as a group – because if something comes up for you, there will most likely be other people in the group for whom that issue will also relate.

*The sessions will also be recorded so that you will receive a copy shortly afterwards. Repeated listening to the sessions will help you to clear more layers as you go deeper and deeper into your blocks.

Each of the 5 sessions will go for approx. 1.5hr and cost $AUD75.   You will also be able to purchase the recording of the session at a later date if you cannot attend for $60 (available later).

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