5 Elements Acupuncture

Each one of us are made up of the 5 Elements which are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. But there is one Element that is our main or Constitutional Element. As your 5 Elements Acupuncturist, it is my job to work out which Element is your main or Constitutional Element. And then by bringing that Element into balance using Acupuncture needles and moxa, your whole system will be able to be brought into harmony and thus heal.


To diagnose which Element you are, I use the four techniques of:

Each Element has a unique Sound, Odour, Colour and Emotion, but within all of these catergories there is a range between person to person from the same Element. In addition, there can also be very subtle differences between the Elements, thus sometimes making it difficult to discern which Element you are.


For example, the sound of a Fire Element person is laughter. So they may sound excited or that they are about to get to the punch line of a joke. But on the other hand, a Fire person at the other end of the range may sound like a sad drone, or a lack of laugh in the voice. This can sound quite similar to the sound of Water which is groan – it goes on and on often without pausing, like a river flowing into the sea. On the other hand, the sound for an Earth Element person is singing like that of a mother reading to her child. But at the other end of the scale, there can equally be a lack of singing for a different Earth Element person.


There is an emotion or emotions connected to each Element as well. For Fire the emotions are joy and sadness; Earth is sympathy/worry; Metal is grief; Water is Fear; and Wood is Anger. But we also all have all five of these emotions and it is a matter of finding out which Element is out of balance, and how that is affecting the main or Constitutional Element.