“I am passionate about helping clients find a deeper sense of peace and wellbeing”

I have always been fascinated in Japanese and Asian culture and grew up in a family with strong connections to Hong Kong. I studied Japanese throughout school and Uni, and then lived and worked in Japan for 5 years. It was during this time that I discovered how acupuncture could help me with some health issues that Western Medicine was not able to. I was particularly impressed that it was able to help me physically, mentally and emotionally. I fell in love with it so much that I decided to return to Uni and become an Acupuncturist myself!

Traditional Japanese Acupuncture

I have been practicing Traditional Japanese Acupuncture (TJA) for over 22 years now in which time I have helped over a thousand people reach a better state of health and well-being. TJA is a gentle yet extremely effective form of acupuncture that uses the finest needles available. It employs very gentle techniques that have been developed with your optimum comfort in mind.

Classical 5 Elements Acupuncture

For the past 13 years I have been blending the gentle Japanese techniques with another style of acupuncture known as Classical 5 Elements Acupuncture. This style of acupuncture particularly focuses on the spiritual and emotional aspects of Chinese Medicine. I am passionate about helping clients find a deeper sense of peace and well-being.

Energy Clearing Sessions

Do you feel stuck in one or more aspects of your life (work, relationships, money, etc), and no matter what you do it never seems to shift or change?  It means you have an energetic block.  In an Energy Clearing session (or a combination one with acupuncture), we enter into a meditative state and intuitively explore where this block originated and then work to clear it.  I use tools learned from internationally-acclaimed intuitive healer Christie Marie Sheldon, from whom I have been studying with since 2015, including completing her Intuition 101 course in 2019 & again in 2020, Intuition 201 in 2022, amongst other courses.  My clients tell me that these sessions leave them feeling much lighter, clearer and more in control of their lives.


Headaches/Migraines & Lower Back Pain

I have a particular interest in helping people who experience regular headaches and/or migraines, as well as those who have lower back pain. I have helped many people to be relieved of these symptoms. Symptoms are simply messages that the body, mind and/or spirit are not in balance and harmony. When we return the person to a state of balance and flow, the symptoms are no longer required.

I also love helping clients who may be experiencing any other signs of stress such as neck or shoulder tension, sleep disturbances, fertility issues, women’s health, or symptoms associated with mild anxiety/depression.

But my greatest passion is in helping people who feel stuck in one or more aspects of their lives and don’t seem to be able to shift the unwanted pattern.  

Traditional Japanese & 5 Elements Acupuncture & Energy Clearing Sessions may help with the following:

The Acupuncture Evidence Project: A Comparative Literature Review (McDonald J, and Janz S, 2017) was a project recently undertaken looking at the current range of evidence relating to acupuncture clinical trials. They found that of the 122 conditions that they looked at, there was strong evidence for the use of acupuncture with 8 conditions (including chronic low back pain, headache (tension-type and chronic), migraine prophylaxis, postoperative pain, allergic rhinitis (perennial & seasonal), knee osteoarthritis, and chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (with anti-emetics). They found moderate evidence for a further 38 conditions, including acute low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, lateral elbow pain, temporomandibular pain, back or pelvic pain during pregnancy, (perimenopausal & postmenopausal) insomnia, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, stroke rehabilitation, menopausal hot flushes, etc.



I am fully qualified and registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Agency (AHPRA). I have trained both in Australia and Japan with Master Practitioners.