Acupuncture works by bringing the energy or Qi that flows through the body’s 12 main meridians back into balance and harmony. There are 365 points on the main meridians. Acupuncturists use needles and the herb moxa¬†to stimulate the points.

I only use disposable needles that are almost as fine as a single hair and are barely inserted into the skin, making the treatments extremely relaxing and relatively pain-free for you.


Moxa is a herb that was traditionally used intrinsically alongside the needles in ancient China. In fact the word in Chinese for acupuncture (or Zhen jiu) would be more correctly translated as “acu-moxa”. Unfortunately in China today, the practice of using moxa has been largely simplified and reduced. However, in Japan the tradition has been maintained and indeed expanded upon. Moxibustion is the practice of burning the moxa herb, either directly or indirectly on the meridian points. The warmth and healing properties of the moxa herb stimulate and energise the points, adding further depth to the treatments. I use this wonderful herb extensively in my practice, and it is a popular part of most sessions.

Through my love and passion for the healing powers of moxa, in 2006 I also developed the ‘House of Moxa’ business (, which provides high quality moxa and related products to practitioners as well as directly to the public. I’ve also held workshops throughout the country (and online in 2020 & 2022) in which I’ve taught many practitioners how to use moxa more extensively and effectively in their practices. In addition, I recently took a group of 9 practitioners from 3 countries to Japan on a ‘Moxa Study Tour’, where we got to further our studies and practices of Moxa and see firsthand how it is made. It was a wonderful experience!

Preventative Medicine

Most people initially come to see me with a particular symptom or ailment they wish me to address. However, in ancient China, traditionally each village had their own acupuncturist who was paid to keep the villagers healthy and well (probably with food or other produce). If anyone became sick, the acupuncturist was no longer paid. So in a sense, Chinese Medicine was very much practiced as a preventative medicine.

Many of my clients also feel the benefits of ongoing treatments and thus come on a regular basis to keep their health in a relative state of balance and well-being.