Recording Agreement

It is planned that the recording of the sessions will be released to participants soon after each session for your personal use.  In addition, the audio recording of the whole Course will be made available to purchase by non-participants in the future.  You agree to:

– allow the recordings to be made available to participants and later on to non-participants who purchase the recordings*

– allow any comments that you make during and after the course to be potentially used anonymously for future promotional uses

– only use the recording for your personal use and not to share it with others unless permission is granted in writing

– understand that although every effort will be made to keep the sessions as private as possible, during the live sessions, you will be able to see a full list of participants’ names (but not see their face nor their comments) – so if you wish not to be identified to other participants, please use an alias name when you register on Zoom – and let me know that you are doing that so that I can approve your joining the session!)

(* your camera and microphone will not be turned on during the sessions plus any comments that you write will only be seen by myself & any other co-hosts, and I will only read them out anonymously during the sessions)

Medical & other Liability Agreement

Energy Clearing is a tool that may help you to shift through negative or unwanted belief patterns that can be inhibiting you in your life.  However, it is not a substitute for medical advice or diagnosis of any medical conditions and there is no substantial scientific evidence to support its use. By participating, you agree to:

– not hold Catherine Kato or anyone else associated with the Course responsible for diagnosing, curing or helping you with any medical or other condition, or any situation in your life

– waive responsibility to Catherine Kato for any issues that may arise either directly or indirectly from participating in the Course

-participate with an openness and willingness to shift your stuff and therefore fully participate in the sessions

Cancellation & Refund Policy

You agree that if you purchase the whole course:

– registrations cancelled up to 1 week prior to the first session will be refunded less 15% administration fee

– after that, the course fee is non-refundable even if you change your mind, but you will still receive the recordings for each session

You agree that if you purchase individual sessions:

– registrations cancelled up to 1 week prior to each session will be refunded less 15% administration fee

– after that, the session’s fee is non-refundable, but you will still receive the recording for that session


Facebook Group

The Energy Clearing Through the 5 Elements Facebook Group is a private Facebook Group that has been set up and is optional for participants to join.  It is intended to be a supportive group to help participants during the course and afterwards, and for anyone who purchases the program at a later date.  If you wish to join, please email me at [email protected] or request to join directly at If you wish to join under an alias name, or if your Facebook name is different from the name that you have purchased the Course under, please let me know so that I can approve your member request.

By participating in the Energy Clearing Through the 5 Elements Facebook Group, you agree to:

– bring a positive, friendly and supportive vibe to the group

– if you are struggling with issues coming up for you during the journey (or beyond), know that it is a safe and welcome place to bring these to the group.  However, any comments that are unnecessarily criticising, judging, intimidating or disrespectful to others or the organisers will be removed & the person potentially blocked

– keep the group for discussing relevant issues pertaining to the Course and your experience; it is not a place to promote your own courses, services or products