Recording of Fire Element Session (Part 5)


Recording of Part 5 of Energy Clearing Through the 5 Elements on the Fire Element & Bonus Audio of the Meditation/Energy Clearing Section from Sunday 12th September 2021



Do you feel too tired and exhausted to engage in the outer world? Do you feel anxious a lot of the time and possibly even experience panic attacks? Have you forgotten how to have fun and play, and instead feel sad and unmotivated? Do you have trouble relating to others and developing meaningful heart-based relationships?

In the final of the five-part series, Energy Clearing Through the 5 Elements on the Fire Element, we explored these aspects of ourselves. We also did a meditation and powerful clearing to clear our biggest blocks by looking at them from a loving perspective, in order for us to live a more fun and playful life filled with joy, laughter and meaningful relationships.

This is a recording of the session from Sunday 12 September 2021 – you will receive the video recording of the whole session (approx 1.5hr); plus a bonus audio recording just of the Energy Clearing meditation section (approx 40mins).

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