Recording of Water Element Session (Part 3)


Recording of Part 3 of Energy Clearing Through the 5 Elements on the Water Element & Bonus audio recording of the Meditation/Energy Clearing Section from Sunday 20 June 2021

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Do you feel as if you’re always stuck in fight or flight mode? Do your adrenals feel overworked & your body feel tense? Do you have a lot of fears and anxieties and never seem to be able to fully relax?

In Part 3 of Energy Clearing Through the 5 Elements on the Water Element, we learnt about the Water Element’s vital importance due to the Kidney’s role of providing us with our base fundamental energy or Jing (Essence). We also explored how our fears (the emotion connected to the Water Element) could hold us back from reaching our Zhi – life purpose or destiny (the Spirit connected to the Water Element) .  In the Energy Clearing meditation we helped to clear our fears that were keeping us stuck in old patterns around money, relationships and our sense of identity, and thus keeping us from reaching what we came here to be and do.

This is a recording of the session from Sunday 20 June 2021 – you will receive the video recording of the whole session (approx 1.5hr); plus a bonus audio recording just of the Energy Clearing meditation section (approx 50mins).

Participants said that they felt that they had a deep clearing as they helped to shift some layers of fear that were holding them back, and filled in with a lot of positive energies helping them to move forwards in their lives towards their life purpose.

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