Recording of Earth Element Session (Part 1)


Recording of Energy Clearing Through the 5 Elements Part 1 Earth Session & Bonus audio recording of Meditation/Energy Clearing Section from Sunday 21 March 2021

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In Part one of the Energy Clearing through the 5 Elements Course (Earth) we explored about what happens when the Earth aspects of ourselves are out of balance – how we tend to give and give even though we’re running on empty; how we can worry and overthink everything as thoughts go round and round in circles in our heads; and how life can feel really hard and overwhelming.   We then did a powerful Energy Clearing meditation on these aspects to clear some of those energies and then to connect more strongly to Mother Earth energy and draw in energy from the Universe to make life easier, more peaceful and to be in the flow of receiving.

This is a recording of the session from Sunday 22 March 2021 – you will receive the video recording of the whole session (approx 1.5hr); plus a bonus audio recording just of the Energy Clearing meditation section (approx 40mins).

Immediately afterwards, participants reported feeling more relaxed and at ease; found the group energy more powerful as we shifted layers of energy; and loved the session for the insights and clearings.  In addition some big shifts occurred afterwards – someone who had been locked out of Facebook for weeks was suddenly able to reconnect with friends straight afterwards; another person who’d been experiencing bullying and intimidation at work from one of their colleagues was greeted with pleasantness and an extraordinary turnaround the next time they saw them; another person found they were able to assert their boundaries with their mother for the very first time; and I keep manifesting more abundance and flow into my life!

I hope you enjoy the session and experience more magic into your life too.


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