Recording of Wood Element Session (Part 4)


Recording of Part 4 of Energy Clearing Through the 5 Elements on the Wood Element & Bonus Audio of the Meditation/Energy Clearing Section from Sunday 8th August 2021.

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Do you feel as if you’re stressed and constantly frustrated and angry? Are you finding it hard to formulate plans and make decisions, particularly in these uncertain times? Do you feel stuck and unmotivated and therefore find it is difficult to see the future and take action to move forwards?  Then join me as we discuss these aspects of the Wood Element and then do an Energy Clearing meditation to help clear some of the things keeping you stuck in these energies.


In Part 4 of Energy Clearing Through the 5 Elements on the Wood Element, we learnt about how the Wood Element, being connected to the season of Spring, gives us our ability to plan, make decisions, and take action steps towards our goals – and when we’re not doing this, how we can get frustrated and angry!  It helps us to have a vision for the future and gives structure to our lives, but when it’s out of balance, we can have a sense of helplessness and hopelessness.

In the Energy Clearing meditation section we helped clear what was frustrating us the most at the moment, and then we spoke to our “Hun” or Ethereal Soul/Higher Self and asked them what we would be doing if we were living our life purpose. We then worked on our first 2 steps towards achieving this, and cleared what was in the way of our actually doing it. Participants reported that it really helped them to focus on what they could do now, despite everything currently going on in the world, and they felt a lot lighter and more positive about their futures.

This is a recording of the session from Sunday 8 August 2021 – you will receive the video recording of the whole session (approx 1.5hr); plus a bonus audio recording just of the Energy Clearing meditation section (approx 50mins).

Watch this short introductory video I did for Session 4 – Wood Element

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