The 5 Elements theory of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire, is an integral part of Chinese Medicine theory. Even though it is said that there is one Element that is our main constitutional one, we are made up of all of the 5 Elements and can therefore have energetic blockages relating to any of them.

The Energy Clearing Through the 5 Elements course is a unique blend of Chinese Medicine theory and Energy Healing, bringing the two paradigms together for one of the first times.  In this current climate, it is particularly imperative that we are able to clear our negative patterns in order for us to function at a higher vibrational level.  The course was conducted as a live online series but by listening to the recordings you are able to clear your own particular thoughts, patterns and beliefs, just as if you were on the live call.

Each session began with an explanation of what that Element is about according to Chinese Medicine theory, which has a history of over two thousand years, as well as drawing on my 20 years of clinical experience working as an acupuncturist.  I then identified and cleared any negative or unwanted patterns of the participants that related to the Element we were exploring, using tools learnt from studying extensively with internationally-acclaimed intuitive healer Christie Marie Sheldon over the past 5 years.

* Each recording costs $AUD60 and consists of the approx. 1.5hr video as well as a bonus audio recording of the Energy Clearing meditation part, which goes for about 40 mins. Alternatively, the whole course can be purchased for $AUD275. Repeated listening to the sessions will help you to clear more layers as you go deeper and deeper into your blocks.

Recordings (includes approx. 1.5hr video & bonus audio recording of Energy Clearing)
1. Earth
2. Metal
3. Water
4. Wood
5. Fire

Your Investment: $AUD60 for each recorded session

OR $275 to buy the whole course recordings – savings of $25 Purchase Whole Course (5 recorded sessions)


About Catherine Kato:
I have been in the healing & wellness industry for around 20 years, including working as a registered Doctor of Chinese Medicine (Japanese/5 Elements Acupuncture & Moxibustion) since 2001. From helping thousands of clients, I have come to also realise the power of energy clearing to shift old patterns and beliefs that can keep us stuck in life. By acknowledging and clearing these blocks, we are then able to add light to them, which helps us create more peaceful and happier lives. During the Course, participants reported having profound shifts and changes, especially when they listened to the meditation section repeatedly to clear more junk. Journey through the 5 Elements with me and clear your blocks, creating more light to your life and those around you.


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Watch this short Introductory video I did for Session 4 on the Wood Element